2017 cohort

Student Project Title Supervisor
Alexander Lombardo Law, Politics and the Past: The Uses of History in the Prologues to Late Antique Legal Codes Professor Caroline Humfress
Alice Bumstead Alkane to alcohol conversion using late transition metal oxide nanoparticles encapsulated in metal-organic frameworks Professor Paul Wright
Alison Lightfoot Anti-Perovskites – A New Family of Functional Materials? Professor Phil Lightfoot
Ayesha Hussain Purcell Gods of the In-Between: Personal Cosmology and Chameleon Gods on Hadrian’s Wall Dr Eleri Cousins
Bao-Chau Pham Multiple Speakers, Competing Discourses: The construction of security in the 2016 Austrian presidential election campaign Dr Faye Donnelly
Bethany Gwyther End of life decisions: balancing quality and length of life in late-stage cancer treatment. Dr Morven Shearer
Caitlin Bloomer Assessing Anthropogenic Impacts of Dams on Water Quality in Riverine Systems Dr Iain Matthews
Calum Bonthron Activity-dependent changes in the structure of astrocytes within the mammalian spinal cord. Dr Gareth Miles
Carolina Zucchi Central Asia as a point of cultural and linguistic convergence: an analysis of Bukhara Arabic versions of tales from “One thousand and one nights” Dr Orhan Elmaz
Catherine Newman Controlling the Rising Generation: Repressing Revolutionary Potential in British Reviews of Children’s Literature, 1789-1805 Dr Susan Manly
Charlotte Gordon The genesis of Icelandic granites: a window on the birth of continental crust Dr William McCarthy
Craig Walton Copper isotope fractionation during subduction: Implications for planetary accretion, core segregation and mantle dynamics Dr Paul Savage
Dylan Howel Bridging Borders: Transcending Issues of Syrian Displacement in the Scottish Borders Dr Stavroula Pipyrou
Ella Williams French or Arabic? Contemporary Moroccan Francophone writers and their relationship with the French language Professor Nicki Hitchcott
Emilia Wilson Finding an Evaluative System for Human and Non-Human Animal Extinction. Dr Ben Sachs
Emily Madoff Testing the Thermal Lid Model for Sediment-Hosted Stratiform Copper deposits Dr Jonathan Cloutier
Erin Phillips Analysing Aggregation: The Effect of Prey Group Shape on the Likelihood of Detection by Predators Professor Graeme Ruxton
Ian Cawood Water & Earth’s crust: The role and source of water in a crystallizing magma Dr William McCarthy
Isabella Hoskins Transmission of Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus, an emerging pathogen of honey bees Professor David Evans
Jae Chul Park Flight of the flower-swallows: disposable, forgotten children in North Korea Professor Ali Watson
Jamie Park The Bedchamber of James VI and I: Personal Connections, Patronage and British Identity 1603-1625 Professor Roger Mason
Jennifer Earp A chemical harpoon protein of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium Dr Ulrich Schwarz-Linek
Jordy De Vries Taking the Earth’s temperature: testing graphite lubrication in major mountain belts Dr Timothy David Raub
Joshua Holloway Exploring Spirituality in Schools Dr Eric Stoddart
Jude Bernard Unconscious Good: Theorizing Beneficial Implicit Bias Dr Derek Ball
Lanita Gutieva Atmospheric evolution and climate cycles during the most extreme Snowball Earth glaciation: Scotland’s spectacular record. Dr Timothy Raub
Laura Trad Memories to Movies: How does Lebanese Cinema reflect and shape perceptions of the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990)? Dr Nick Brooke
Luke Elliott Computing, Commutative, Semigroups Dr James Mitchell
Magda Michalska Drawing the Iron Curtain: The political and social influence of the Polish School of Posters at the dawn of political transformation in Poland (1956-1989) Dr Jeremy Howard
Mostafa Manssour Transverse Field at Zero Temperature in a 2D Spin Model which exhibits a Kasteleyn Transition Dr Chris Hooley
Naomi Newall-Watson Yoga in Prison; exploring the punishment and rehabilitation paradigm Dr Mattia Fumanti
Nathalie Becker Towards a ‘Historic Turn’? Archiving in Non-Profit Organisations Dr Lucy Wishart
Nourjahan Khafaga Conditioning cancer cells to targeting the immune system Professor David Harrison
Olga Grochowska The Absent Neighbour: Post-War Memory of the Jewish Community in Pultusk, Poland Dr Emily Finer/ Dr Jeffrey Murer
Olivia Budde White supremacy- the rise of a new breed, or one that never disappeared? Dr Hazel Cameron
Oscar Westerblad “I know it is wrong, but so what?” Investigating the connection between moral judgement and moral motivation. Dr Justin Snedegar
Patrick Schrempf Explainable Artificial Intelligence Professor Aaron Quigley
Rachel Murray Investigating the role of sumoylation in telomere elongation Dr Helder Ferreira
Ronan McLaughline Redefining the Republic: The Front National, France and Secularism Dr Gavin Bowd
Ruaraidh MacIver Triumph and Propaganda: The Campaigns of Heraclius Dr Timothy Greenwood
Rufaida Al Hashmi For Love of Country? On Patriotism and Cosmopolitan Justice Dr Elizabeth Ashford/Dr Natasha Saunders
Samantha Baker A Comparative Approach to Refugee Rights – A Study of Canadian, Swedish, British and Australian Refugee Policy and the Treatment of Refugee Rights Professor Patrick Hayden
Savannah Smith Contemporary Art and Gentrification: Art’s Impact on the Urban Environment Dr Catherine Spencer
Stacie Bradly Presenting Jane Austen: The evolution of the publication of Austen from past to present (1811 – 2016). Dr Katie Garner
Thomas Miles The Legacy of Duns Scotus: Hopkins and Merton as Mystical Poets Dr Bill Hyland
Valeria Duca A new attribution to the painting Venus in the Forge of Vulcan Dr. Julian Luxford
Veronika Ambrozova Why do we get lost? Neural mechanisms underlying distance perception Dr James Ainge
Vinh Dihn Quantitative image analysis to help with the study of invadopodia which uses Elastic Resonator Interference Stress Microscopy to measure the forces applied by them Professor Malte Gather
William Brown Essence Domain Inference Professor Ian Miguel
Yura Shin Effects of Lithium treatment on Endosome Dynamics and Endosomal Lipids in Bipolar Disorder Dr John Lucocq