2018 cohort

Student Project Title Supervisor
Abigail Georgia Robinson Societal Adaptation to Drought: Multiculturalism as a Medieval Asset Dr Tim Raub
Ada Quek Little Queer Dot: How the Singaporean Arts Scene Reflects and Shapes Emerging Queer Cultures in Singaporean Society (1988 – Present) Prof Derek Duncan
Anastasia Ellis Determining ParaHox gene regulatory mechanisms in gut and central nervous system patterning. Dr David Ferrier
Arvo Munoz Moran Inconsistencies in mathematics Dr Fenner Stanley Tanswell
Calum Austin McCutcheon The utility of colon capsule endoscopy for symptomatic patients in the community Prof Frank Sullivan
Clara Alice Julia Defachel From Comorian folktales to Francophone contemporary fiction: investigating the oral story-telling tradition of the Island of Anjouan Prof Nicki Hitchcott
Daniella Black When good mating systems go bad: the evolutionary causes and consequences of unexpected sexual behaviour in animals Dr David Shuker
Eleanor Jane Braithwaite The Law’s Two Bodies Prof John Hudson and Prof Caroline Humfress
Elizabeth Barlow Women in Mathematics: an Unresolved Problem Dr Isobel Falconer
Gabriele Uboldi Theatre and Ritual at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Prof Roy Dilley
George Tillisch Proof, Rigour, and Conceptual Engineering Dr Kevin Sharpe
Henry Buckminster Marles Reclassifying the eleventh cranial nerve: is the accessory nerve a single entity? Dr Ourania Varsou
Hugh Alexander James Franklin Architects in Society: Engineering and Building in Late Antiquity Dr Carlos Machado
James Hinch Anti-terror Legislation, Indigenous Peoples and the Politics of Climate Change Prof Ali Watson
Juanita Maria Barreto Monje Scotland and the Amazon in the nineteenth century Prof Mark Harris
Katie Mary Delahooke Identifying the enigmatic Ediacaran fauna using their geochemical fingerprint Dr Catherine Rose
Laura Rafaela Nebout Revolutionary Women: Wives and Daughters in the Indigenous Revolt of 1783, Peru Dr Sabine Hyland
Lorna McCarron The Pill in East and West Germany: A Form of Male Institutionalised Control over the Female Body Dr Tom Smith
Lot Koopmans Earth analogues for Martian fossil life: What is the ExoMars mission capable of detecting? Prof Tony Prave
Nathan James Jones Government policies to encourage the construction of social housing Dr Luc Bridet
Oskar Leimkuhler Exploring Machine Learning in Chemistry: Teaching Molecular Structure Solution to Artificial Neural Networks Dr John Mitchell
Pui (Angel) Tang A Stranger to Myself and to the World: Existentialism in Postmodern East Asian Literature Dr Ricardo Fernández
Simona Mezzina The vanishing of an artist: exploring the role of Giuseppe De Nittis among the Impressionist Circle Dr Linda Goddard
Valeriya Ryabchina Attention in Three Dimensions Prof Juie Harris
Zoe Alice Elizabeth Voice Reclaiming space: how Scandinavian female artists remodelled the domestic sphere in the nineteenth century Dr Shona Kallestrup