2021 cohort

Student Project Title Supervisor
Robyn Adams Determining the effectiveness of different health promotion approaches in child portion size decisions Dr Joanne Cecil
Toni Andres A Queer Catullus? The power of gender impersonation in creative arts Dr Henry Stead
Tim Berger International and National COVID-19 Vaccination Production: Comparing the Benefits Dr Nikolay Chernyshev
Rebecca Bisset Computational Investigation of NMR Properties of Mixed-Metal Niobate Perovskites Prof Sharon Ashbrook
Sophia Brousset Incan Lesbianism: A Paradigm for Rethinking Rich’s “Compulsory Heterosexuality” Prof Caron Gentry
Robb Calder Clouds and Weather on Hot Jupiters Dr Christiane Helling
Lucia Cathers What were the attitudes and motivations of those involved in the Easter Rising of 1916 in Ireland? Dr Tim Wilson
Callum Clarke Outcome-based evaluation of leaders: an incentives perspective Dr Margherita Negri
Sofya Dobrynina Designing epsilon-near-zero metasurfaces Dr Sebastian Schulz
Joseph Edwards Topological origami: material properties from geometry and combinatorics Dr Louis Theran
Polina Foteva Exploring the outer limits of ATP-dependent DNA ligase sequence space and the phylogenetic distribution of DNA ligases across Nucleocytoviricota Dr Stuart MacNeill
James Johnson The reimagining of dynasty: A subaltern success or just more of the same? Dr Milinda Banerjee
Isabel Kestler Philosophy of Space Exploration and Exoplanet Science Dr Ben Sachs
Edith Lee The Effects of Culture on Leadership Personality, Public Accountability and Decision-Making Process in Modern Democracies Dr Ryan K Beasley
Marcelina Lekawska Blue carbon as a nature-based solution for climate change; research, policy and citizen engagement within a UK and Scottish context Prof William Austin
Isobel Merrie Research with Maggies – the cancer charity Dr Morven Shearer
Anne Moorhouse Das Unheimliche: Symbolism, Surrealism and the Art of Introspection Dr Shona Kallestrup
Isabella Redmayne The presentation of storytellers and liars in Greco-Roman literature: Fake News in the Ancient World Dr Ann-Sophie Schoess
Ana Rodrigues Ferreira The effect of online and blended learning on note-taking strategies Mr Paul Gardner
Robyn Smith Designing Activities to Support Simulation-Based Learning in Quantum Mechanics Dr Antje Kohnle
Claire Taylor Local Internationalists? Scotland’s connections to the global world of Esperanto, c.1890- 1920 Dr Bernhard Struck
Pia Tiwari Investigating the politics of English-language voluntourism in Africa. Dr Stan Frankland
Isaac Turner Outcome-based evaluation of leaders: an incentives perspective Dr Luc Bridet
Eirini Vryza Representations of the Mediterranean Sea in Modern Greek prose: exploring alternative dynamics between humans and nature Dr Christina Alt
Maria Yates Designing epsilon-near-zero metasurfaces Dr Sebastian Schulz