2023 Scholars

Student Project Title Supervisor
Lily Bates Does differential mRNA expression predict better protein-mRNA correlation: A meta-analysis Dr V Anne Smith
Kas Bernays Evaluating Holism and Otherness in Philosophical Approaches to the Ecological Crisis Dr Benjamin Sachs-Cobbe
Amar Bhandal How does ethnicity shape South Africans’ recollections of their country’s past? Dr Kristen Harkness
Carlota Bloch Varela The Diversity and Evolution of Micro-organisms in Hydrothermal Vents Dr Joanne Boden
Lina Chi The impacts of redirecting attentional focus on piano performance – a performance anxiety intervention Dr Ines Jentzsch
Yoshino Homma Retelling Medieval Tales: Storytelling and the Global Middle Ages Dr Victoria Turner
Aloka Jayasinghe Comparative evaluation of two different instructive formats on understanding of Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) amongst mainstream teachers: Video simulation versus orthodox test, including establishing prevalence of knowledge of CVI Ms Helen St Clair Tracy
Shengyuan Ji A Crossroads for Three Generations: Life trajectories and national identity construction in Mae Salong Dr Huon Wardle
Jolie Lay The Governmental Limitations of Entrepreneurial Women: India Vs. United States Dr Shruti Narayanswamy
Joanna Magnuson The function and role of CAZymes within the human intestinal microbiome, and implications in human health and disease Dr Tracey Gloster
Noura Mahmoud The Children of Enslavement: historical legacy and lived experiences of children in trans-Atlantic slavery Dr Andrew Edwards
Otilia Meden Self-care in peace education Dr Alice König
Ami Melville Rhetorical Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Figurative Dr John Gallagher
Nuri Morad Investigating many-body localisation in clean and disordered systems for quantum information processing. Dr Chris Hooley
Rosa Morgan-Young Conflicts of interest and hormone replacement therapy Dr Margaret McCartney
Callum Murrison Mapping a star-forming region in 3D with Gaia astrometric data Dr Paula Stella Teixeira
Chico Paulics Bresler Thermo-optic tunable metasurfaces Dr Sebastian Schulz
Elena Rico Hernando The effect of alpha-synuclein aggregates on astrocyte calcium signaling in neurodegeneration. Dr Juan Alberto Varela
Oliver Righton Development of Photovoltaic Cells as Educational Material on Sustainability and Green Energy Dr Renald Schaub
Heather Robinson Natural Behaviour and Interspecific Interactions of Whale Species in Southern Iceland Prof Patrick Miller
Lucy Robinson Proteomic and Functional Analysis of Neurochondrin: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Other Motor Neuron Diseases. Dr Judith Sleeman
Camille Ryder Measuring the musical and social impacts of StAMP Ms Ellen Thomson
Victoria Schroeder-Finckh Lead Optimisation of Pan-Trypanosomatid Inhibitors Inspired by Nature Dr Gordon Florence
Finn Smyth Devolution and the Decline of the Scottish Left Dr Malcolm Petrie
Zachary Vincent Rethinking Heritage: studying resilient pasts and presents in times of crisis Dr Bruno Brulon Soares