2022 Scholars

Maddy Haywood
Wednesday 27 September 2023
Student Project Title Supervisor
Sam Allen Tailoring the Flexible Zeolite Molecular Sieve Merlinoite for Carbon Capture Prof Paul Anthony Wright
Alexander Becket The viability of novel identities in response to separatist tensions: A comparison of French Algeria and Northern Ireland Dr Gavin Bowd
Joel Beckles Modelling Room Temperature Bose-Einstein Condensation Dr Jonathan Keeling
Sofie Brøgger Jensen The Potential of Adopting a Holistic Design Approach to ‘Meadows in the Making’ in St Andrews, Fife Dr Rehema White
Cyrus Chu The role of sleep and technology use as moderators in the relationship between interpersonal stress and mental health among university students Dr Barbara Dritschel
Luis Cunha Gil A new pathway for cancer-drug related cardiac toxicity Dr Samantha Pitt
Lia Da Giau Circularity in the fashion industry: assessing the potential of sustainable textile recycling Dr Patrick O’Hare
Leo Doherty Interpreting James Gregory, mathematician and astronomer Dr Isobel Falconer
Nicole Entin Alfred Tennyson’s Idylls of the King and other Poems Illustrated by Julia Margaret Cameron: challenges to gender roles and tradition in the formation of Victorian artistic and literary legacies. Dr Luke Gartlan
Mana Gana No slacking off: solutions to free-riding in Rotary Clubs Dr Ian Smith
Sarah Gough How do School Curricula and Children’s Books Shape Young People’s Habits of Visualising War and Peace? Dr Alice König
Mateo Guzmán Subiría The impact of the Dzhanibekov effect on the global magnetic field Dr Irena Leonhardt
Chloe-Anna Hunt Mens sana in corpore sano Dr Gayle Doherty
Nikko Juengsophonvitavas Identifying active galactic nuclei for the SPHEREx space mission. Dr Juan Hernández Santisteban
Eli King Accelerating biodegradation of waste plastics: enzymatic mechanisms for breaking polymer chains Prof Rebecca Goss
Karis Lonie Reforestation: how effective is it as a nature-based solution for climate change mitigation? Prof William Austin
Zoe Lynn Britain’s Oldest Rocks Revisited- Zircon Textures in the NW Highlands. Dr Sebastian Fischer
Campbell MacPherson How do Scottish expatriates and diasporic populations negotiate their Scottish and non-Scottish identities overseas, and in what ways does their Scottish identity shape their experience living abroad? Mr Stephen Gethins
Matin Moors How does popular animated shows, anime, manga and comics influence young people’s habits of visualising war and peace? Dr Alice König
Lola Mors A new age for old rocks – Dating the Iona gneisses and exploring their link to Britain’s ancient crust Dr Sebastian Fischer
Charles Norman Regional Identities in Nation-branding and Nation-building in Kyrgyzstan. Dr Filippo Costa Buranelli
Sarah Routley Epistemic injustice in cases of sexual assault and the implications for university and legal policy Dr Jade Fletcher
Lou Selfridge Affa Queer: LGBTQ Poets’ Use of the Scots Language Dr Peter Mackay
Radhe Shantha Kumar How should children with Bell’s Palsy be treated? Prof Frank Sullivan
Elisabeth Xia Queerness and Gender in Chinese-German Diaspora – Intersections of Migration, Ethnicity, Sexuality and Gender Identity Prof Derek Duncan

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