2015 cohort

Student Project Title Supervisor
Sarah Alexander Natural History Educational Apps Dr Ruth Robinson
Courtney Barnard The Legacy of British Imperialism in the Construction of Apartheid in South Africa Dr Stephen Tyre
Samantha Bennett A Philosophy of the Predictability of Stock Markets Dr Patrick Greenough
Sean Bourelle Disorder Correlations in Quantum Quenches of Cold Atom systems Dr Chris Hooley; Professor Andrew Cameron
Laura Brassington Reading Philosophical Transactions in Nineteenth Century Manchester Dr Aileen Fyfe
Stuart Burrell Exploring the Interplay of Topology, Dynamical Systems and Abstract Algebra on a Useful Class of Transformations Dr Collin Bleak
Iain Campbell A Thin Film Sensor System for Dual-Phase Explosives Detection Dr Graham Turnbull
Sara Chan Yun Yu Is this the Idea that ‘Laws of Nature govern’ a Conceptual Truth? Dr Aisling Crean and Professor Jessica Brown
Agnes Chauvet Othering in the United States’ Presidential Speeches and Visual Propaganda during World War II and the War on Terror Prof Andrew Williams
Ambra D’Antone Translating Dante: A Linguistic and Visual Approach Dr Claudia Rossignoli
Alice Devlin The Christianization of the Cyclades: New Foundations Dr Rebecca Sweetman
Thomas Doherty Computer Generated Holograms Dr Donatella Cassettari
Euan Dowers Understanding the Relationship between Inequality and Growth Dr. Gonzalo Forgues-Puccio
Toby Emerson What Effect did Western Imperialism have on State Formation in the Levant? Dr Kristen A. Harkness
Stefan Farsang Life on Mars: Manganese (bio)mineralization Dr Tim Raub
Francis Ferrone Medieval Remains: The Impact of the Reformation on Scottish Ecclesiastical Architecture Professor Richard Fawcett
Charlotte Gorman Experiences of Women and Gender in the American Folk Music Revival, 1900-1980 Dr Gillian Mitchell
William Gray The Formation of the Spectacular Blue Gemstone Lapis Lazuli Dr Harry Oduro
Michael Grieve Earworms: A Fritillarian Reading of Muldoon’s Maggot Professor Don Paterson
Mohammed Khan Preclinical Assessment of Combinatorial Therapy of Cancer Professor David Harrison
Marianna Lanza Contemporary Memorials in Edinburgh Dr Catherine Spencer
Gareth Lavan If I have No Desire to be Moral, then I have No Reason to be Moral. An Exploration of Internal Reasons for Action. Dr Justin Snedegar
Jessica Lee Identifying the Recurrence of Bladder Cancer via the Integration of Nuclear Morphology and Cellular Expression of the MCM2 Proliferation Marker Mr Peter Caie
Olga Loza Constructing Graduate Identities: the Performativity of Job Application Processes Dr Philip Roscoe
Maebh Martin Musical Leadership in Opera, Concert and Recording: an Observation of Period Instrument Performers Dr Michael Downes
Margot McLauchlan A New Approach to the Use of Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology Dr Matthew Holden
Cameron McNicol Improvement of Optics in Light Sheet Microscopes and their Applications in Cell Biology & Neuroscience Prof Kishan Dholakia
Vanya Metodieva The Potential of an Old Ethno-remedy as a New Dementia Drug: The Neuroprotective Properties of Ptychopetallum Placiodes Dr Gayle Doherty
Andrew Millar What Causes the Binding of High-energy Fermions in a Deformable Space-time? Dr Chris Hooley
Sam Mills First Flickers: The Curation of an Accessible, Digital Database on Early Cinema Dr Tom Rice
Joanna Moodie Adaptive Interaction as an Intervention for Individuals with Advanced Dementia: Investigating Physiological Changes Dr Maggie Ellis and Dr Karen Spencer
Cameron Okoth Making and Testing Surface Wave Cloaks using Metamaterials Dr Andrea Di Falco
Gareth Owen ‘History Education as National Identity Construction: How Britain’s Elites Portrayed the History of the British People through the National Education System, c. 1944-1999’ Dr Riccardo Bavaj
Nefeli Piree Iliou The Christianization of the Cyclades. A Transformation of Religious Space: Kea, Andros, Tenos, Delos, Sikinos & Folegandros Dr Rebecca Sweetman
Connor Powell Synthesis of various analogues of the lead compound MMV006169 to find a greater degree of potency as an inhibitor of the malarial parasite Toxoplasma gondii Prof Nicholas Westwood
Callum Reekie Oxidation of the Oceanic Lithosphere: Evaluating the Influence of Water upon Plate Tectonics Dr Tim Raub
Katerina Sanchez-Schilling The Construction of the Self and Class Representations Through Food: A Global Multi-Media Culture Obsessed with Food Dr Sabine Hyland
Roxana Shafiee How Does Deforestation Influence the Climate – by Impacting the Carbon Cycle or by Altering the Reflectivity of the Land Surface? Dr Timothy Hill
Amy Sheader Super-resolution Microscopy with Optical Trapping Prof Kishan Dholakia
Konstantina Stefanova Should we Listen to Background Music while we Perform Cognitively Demanding Tasks? Dr Ines Jentzsch
Conor Stevenson Thermal Quantum Diodes in Nanostructures Dr Bernd Braunecker
Dorian Stone Theological Perspectives on Social Media and the Culture of Sousveillance Dr Eric Stoddart
Liam Sutton Modelling Spontaneous Vortex Formation in Lasers and Photon Condensates Dr Jonathan Keeling
Amol Thakkar The Conversion of Renewable Feedstock to Unnatural Amino Acids and Cyclopeptides: Application of Phenolic Monomers Isolated from Lignin. Prof Nicholas Westwood
Liam Walker A Laser Cooling Experiment for the Teaching Lab Dr Donatella Cassettari
Raymond Wang Writing in the Towers’ shadow – American Self-Perception and Remember 9/11 Professor Gerard De Groot
David Weston Modelling Energy and Information Transfer along a Chain of Two Level Systems Dr Brendon Lovett
Eva Wewiorski Film Sound Design and How it Contributes to Sensory Properties Dr Lucy Donaldson
Alice Zamboni Grand Tour at the Mirror: a Ceremonial Regatta Seen Through the Eyes of British Travellers and Venetian inhabitants. Dr Elsje van Kessel