2020 cohort

Student Project Title Supervisor
Andrew Adams Evangelicalism and the White Savior Complex: How religious worldviews promote rituals of ‘voluntourism’ in Uganda Dr Stan Frankland
Kaja Andersen Improving assessment of behavioral adaptability in clinical settings Dr Reiner Sprengelmeyer
Anna Bajerska Role of children’s literature in shaping environmental literacy Dr Emily Finer
Isaac Bateman The political and personal identity of exclusion Dr Ben Sachs
Jonathan Berry End of life care experiences – intervention suggestions elicited through experience based co-design with patient and practitioner stakeholders Dr Mara van Beusekom
Dr Virginia Santiago
Yukiko Braun Comparing how internal and external focus of attention influence performance in everyday tasks Dr Ines Jentzsch
Gwendoline Choi Remembering German Colonialism: Understanding cultural memories through a Phenomenological Lens Dr Tom Smith
Isaac Dilley Investigating the relationship between group-embeddable monoids and the bimorphism monoids of infinite graphs Dr Thomas Coleman
Jillian Ducker The politics of presentation in the Court of Henry VIII Dr Jacqueline Rose
Garmon Dyfri The impact of sports on diplomacy between America and China since the Nixon-era Dr Chris Ogden
Matthew Fry Making Stuff Glow: Multiresonant Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence in Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Prof Eli Zysman-Colman
Lucia Guercio Artistic translations of Dante’s Inferno Dr Alistair Rider
Peter Ingarfield Computer aided classification of relational structures up to elementary equivalence Dr James Mitchell
Ole Jorgensen Investigation of the Rado Graph Prof Peter Cameron
Benjamin Kao American Crisis: Identity, Materiality and Modern Literature Dr Daniel Knight
Lilyan Kelleher How does the individual experience the modern city in ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’ by Charles Baudelaire and ‘The Waste Land’ by T.S.Eliot? An interdisciplinary approach between comparative literature and urban studies Dr Dave Evans
Alice Martin Development of Coupling Strategies for Peri-Substituted Rings in Main Group Systems Dr Petr Kilian
Margaret Mitchell Autobiography and the Construction of a Feminine Language Prof Sonia Hofkosh
Thomas O’Brien Producing macroscopic analogues of gravitationally bound mulit-fermion states Dr Chris Hooley
Charlotte Rogers Social identity and climate change reform: investigating how environmentalism is represented and the extent to which it encourages (and/or) marginalises groups from collective action Prof Stephen Reicher
Laoise Rogers An evaluation of forced migration from Guatemala to the USA and its environmental justice aspects,as a case study of the wider international relations challenges to be addressed by the global community when tackling both climate change and forced migratio Prof Ali Watson
James Samuel History, religion and community in North East Fife Dr Amy Blakeway
Dr Jacqueline Rose
Marika Schenkels A scoping review comparing flavoured and non-flavoured e-cigarette compounds in causing health effects Prof Frank Sullivan
Dr Peter Selby
Michael Sutherland Classification, enumeration and symmetry of fractal carpets Prof Kenneth J. Falconer
Anna Todsen The Digital Body: Technology and Mental Disorders Dr Huon Wardle