2016 cohort

Student Project Title Supervisor
Marnie Adamson ‘Could I do that to somebody?’: The Ideological Shifts That Occur in the Mind of Conflict Personnel to Allow Them to Commit Atrocities Professor Karin Fierke
Maria Almeida Reis Iberian Long Sixties? Youth Culture and Gender in Spain and Portugal, 1958-1980 Dr Nikolaos Papadogiannis
Talah Anderson Transition, Transgression and Transcendence: Gender and the Propagation of Power in the Ancient Near East Dr Madhavi Nevader
Ioanna Batzoglou What is the relationship between institutions and entrepreneurial activity? Dr Alex Trew
Alexander Bell Encounters with memory: remembering the slave trade in Bristol, c. 1945-2015 Dr Riccardo Bavaj
Sarah Bigelow Speaking Security Through Arabic: The Role of the Media in Translation Dr Faye Donnelly
Samuel Boobier The mechanism behind Amino Acid Dating: what factors affect the racemisation of amino acids? Dr Tanja van Mourik
Joanna Bowman Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs (1995 – 2015), or how 85 seats can change British Theatre Dr Sam Haddow
Sian Burkitt Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Dr Aileen Fyfe
Elinor Bushell Mad, drunk and diseased or simply in love? Dr Emma Buckley
Joel Butcher Women in Church Leadership: How do Church Leaders Interpret the Bible? Dr David Moffitt
Mary Chan Sex differences in workplace behaviour: The role of BIS/BAS scale sensitivity Dr Catherine Penelope Cross
Da In Choi Internal Creation of Others in North-South Korea Relations Dr Konrad Lawson
Emily Cook Syncretic Identities: Aleut, Slavonic, and English in Unalaska, Alaska Dr Stephanie Bunn
Jakob Dowling Using Willingness-to-Pay Observations to Improve Climate Change Negotiations Mr Luc Bridet
Katrina Drayton Mapping Rome’s Destiny: Navigation in Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’ Dr Nikoletta Manioti
Rory Forbes Comprehending the Scottish Jacobite Constituency in 1688/89 Dr Steve Murdoch
Sarah Glass An analysis of US foreign policy towards Zimbabwe during the Matabeleland Massacres, 1982 – 1985 Dr Hazel Cameron
Maryam Golafshani Bringing the ‘Human’ Back to Medicine: Implementing Virginia Woolf’s Writing in Medical Education Dr Christina Alt
Botond Hajdara Partitioned Binary Relations Dr James D. Mitchell
Margaret Hyland Religion and Folk Belief in Scottish Fishing Music Dr Stephanie Bunn
Jack Jameson Determining the Role of MG23 in hypoxia-induced apoptosis Dr Samantha Pitt
Matthew Kaminski Testing the sensitivity of the Antarctic ice sheet to CO2 Dr James Rae
Vienna Kim Art on the Catwalk: Performance Art in the shows of Alexander McQueen Dr Catherine Spencer
Eirinie Lapidaki The Politics of Poetry in Victorian Britain Dr Clare Gill
Konstantinos Liverakos The effect of physical exercise intensity levels on cognitive performance examined throughout the period of one day Dr Akira O’Connor
Rhys Madden How to engage the next generation of anthropologists – an application of theoretical approaches in Museum Studies Prof Roy Dilley
Shashank Manjunath Are we all heading down the same path? The developing world’s approach to an environmentally secure future Dr Eoin McLaughlin
Suzanne Mcmanus Irvine Welsh’s Scotland: The Reality of Working Class Brutality, Addiction and Abuse Dr Peter Mackay
Ryan Moodie Non-equilibrium Model of Photon Condensation Dr Jonathan Keeling
Olivia Morton The role of Austrian Standard German in the teaching and learning of German as a foreign language Dr Christopher Beedham & Ms Kirsten Mericka
Katie Munro Understanding the Role of HLA-B27 in Inflammatory Arthritis Dr Simon Powis
Mai Nguyen The participation of children in the Vietnam war Professor Alison M S Watson
Daniel Payne ‘Meat is Murder’: The Development of Social and Cultural Attitudes Surrounding the UK Meat Industry, c. 1964-present. Dr John Clark
Asmithaa Prabhakaran The role of innate immunity pathways in host-parasite interactions during microsporidia infections Dr John Lucocq
Joanna Rutkowska The influence of facial health cues of a defendant on decisions about the severity of punishment Professor David Perrett
Kelly Schweizer The Changing Face of Fear: An examination of the Gothic Genre Dr Katie Garner
Alessio Shostak Striking at their Core: De-funding the Islamic State Dr William Vlcek
Alanood Sinjab The Securitization of Torture: A Legal Analysis of the General Security Service’s Use of Torture in the Palestinian Occupied Territories Between 1971-1991 Dr Faye Donnelly
William Skinner Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer and White Emission of Light in Supramolecular Iridium Complexes Dr Zysman-Colman
Justyna Slowik The Paper Dragon: Do we overrate China’s strength as a global superpower? The domestic factor. Professor Ian Taylor
Finlay Smith Computing translations and the translation hull of semigroups Dr James Mitchell
Melissa Turner Real and perceived barriers to participation in HE: a fulltime undergraduate student parent’s perspective Dr L Lasselle
Karina Vitanova Leptin and the Mitochondria: New pathways to protect against dementia Dr Gayle Doherty
Christopher Walker Double Discrimination: LGBT Asylum Seekers in the UK System Dr Gurchathen Sanghera
Alice Watson How has tropicality been constructed in cultural media from the 1970s to the present day? Dr Dan Clayton
Tadeusz Wojtych Not so iron curtain. Interactions between international students and local people in Gdynia (Poland) during the communist period. Dr Bernhard Struck
Jessica Yin The evolution and impact of identity in US-China relations Dr Taryn Shepperd
Kejian Zhao Human-Environment Relations in Beijing: Perceptions, Experience, Possibilities Professor Peter Gow